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Sacred Flutes. Mark Torgeson. Mark Torgeson.

Healing Sound Immersion. Mark Torgeson, Carol Fitzpatrick, Werner Pfleger. Mark Torgeson.

Chakra Chants. Jonathan Goldman. Etherean

Holy Harmony. Jonathan Goldman. Etherean

Calendula: A Suite for Pythagorean Tuning Forks. John Bealeiu.

Sacred Chants. Tom Kenyon.

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Harmonics & Overtones

Live Sound Healing during the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Sound Immersion Session

Apps & Sound Programs


Audacity - Create music or sound tracks, generate tones

Online Tone Generator - quickly listen to any frequency!

Online Books

Music Theory in 30 Days - with online lessons!


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Individual Sound Therapy Session

Nature Soundtracks

Here are the soundtracks recorded by Mark in the field which can be used as background for your Sound Healing performances, as well as simply to balance and harmonize one's energy system. Included are Stream, Bahama Surf, Fire and Crickets, Birds and Rain, and Mother's Day Birdsong. This will download as a .zip file, which you can click to open the MP3 files.  DOWNLOAD NOW

Links to Sound Healing Instruments


Butch Hall Flutes - quality Native American flutes at great prices

High Spirit Native American Flutes - 432 Hz

Divine Tuner Tuning Forks, angel forks, etc…

Crystal Bowls and quality instruments through Zachariah Blackburn, sound healing educator

Biosonics Tuning Forks

Remo Buffalo Drum - Black Earth 16"

Crystal Tones quality infused, frosted and clear crystal bowls

Boddhisatva Trading Company - quality Tibetan bowls


Acupuncture Products - Meridian & Five Element Charts

Meridian Chart - Free from