Foundations of Sound Healing

Training Program

Studio D Yoga, Midlothian VA

Friday October 16,  5 - 9 PM

Saturday October 17,  9 - 5

Sunday October18,  9 - 5

Learn the Principles, Practice and Protocols of Sound Healing


Use the Tools of Healing Sound to Shift Consciousness, Raise Vibration and Create Transformative States in Yourself, Clients and Groups

Note: this training is Part One of a two part program leading to Certification.  Anyone is free to take this course, but for Certification  Part Two is also required.    More Information...


Do you love sound and the way it transports you and others to expansive realms? Have you felt a quickening when using sound, or have you found it easier to flow deeper into yourself when pure tone is used? Do you desire to learn the principles of sound and healing so that you can use these effectively in your own practice or with others? This training will help you with all of these...

The weekend begins at Studio D Yoga,  a wonderfully high vibe center of growth and consciousness in Midlothian, VA. We start off with a Healing Sound Immersion, in which all the instruments taught in the workshop will be performed: crystal bowls,  Tibetan bowls and bells, gong, didgeridoo, sacred drum and rattles, flutes, and tuning forks.  This introduction will be a purely experiential, bathing you in a pure sound healing experience, so the only expectation is to be in-the-moment with no mind-oriented activity. Bring a pillow to lie down for an hour of pure sound immersion (yoga mats and blankets available at site.)

After processing the immersion experience, we learn about vibrational healing; the nature of sound; states of consciousness and how to shift vibrational patterns in the human energy system; morphic resonance and tuning into energetic fields created by ancestors and healers of the past; kingdoms of Nature which aid in changing our vibration (devas, angels, plants and animals, crystals); and sacred geometry. These are the principles you will need to do a sound healing session by yourself, with an individual, or with a group.

Lunch break at noon; bring your own bag lunch or drive to a number of easily accessible eateries.

Saturday afternoon demonstrate a hands-on sound healing session, discuss how to play, and how NOT to play the traditional instruments of sound healing.  Afterwards we will break up in pairs to practice these techniques.

Sunday morning we delve into the more esoteric aspects of healing including overtones and harmonics; boundaries and the healing presence; allowing and entrainment; working with groups and in nature.

Following lunch there will be more hands on practice with the instruments; and time for questions, and a forward glance at the future of sound healing and what YOU can do with your skills.  A closing circle of gratitude will complete our training.


Learn how to establish a Healing Presence - and how to channel energy in a way that is beneficial to others - and yourself!


Is this for You?

Do you have a desire to help others, a penchant for healing, a feeling of mission to make an impact in the world? Do you love deep states of contemplation and meditation, and social venues where others resonate to those frequencies? Are you attracted to pure tones which quiet the mind? Or do you simply wish to fine-tune a method of delving deeper into your own stillness, and creating daily balance? Then Sound Healing may be just the modality for you!

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Tibetan and Crystal Bowl Layout - Star of David

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Sacred Drum Rhythm: Heartbeat

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Aligning with Nature: Native American Flute


Foundations of Sound Healing


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Responses to Sound Healing...

"What a wonderfully blessed day! My spirits lifted even higher being with those of such heart and light. Mark Torgeson your energies radiate and through this gift of healing sound, well, you touch the depths of my soul…" - Debbie Segebart, owner Studio D Yoga

"I left the training with a full heart. I have been floating in a fluffy cloud of gratitude all week! Everything around me just looks brighter and more beautiful. I know that this is because of all the love and light shared in this group all weekend." -SL

"Absolutely beautiful! Felt it connecting to Mother Earth energies, healing and releasing. So needed in this time."

"I've been playing something or drawing every day since the workshop. We really unlocked my creativity last weekend!" - JK

" I want to share with you that I saw myself dancing in the company of the most divine beings, and they were clapping and cheering on my sheer joy and Freedom. That is huge for me…The freedom to BE who I am here to BE, and to go forth and find my true calling and path.”

"Thank you so much. Your Music is beautiful. We can't wait to have you back! Namaste'" - Sarah Bunger, Owner Hanover Virginia Yoga


From Previous Foundations of Sound Healing graduates...

  • "Amazing class!" - Rebecca
  • "Mark is a great teacher and facilitator. The class participants were awesome. Great class - enjoyed it Immensely" - Randy Tate
  • "Was exactly what I needed in this time and space. Got more from the experience than I expected..." - Dotti Wikle
  • "I loved the contextualization of Sound Healing within planetary awakening and cosmic consciousness. I felt it was a perfect balance of information, conversation and experiential. Thank you so much. - Kristin Bird Lynskey
  • "The relaxed pace let us explore without feeling like we were checking the boxes and yet I feel that the information covered, the time we had to practice and share gave us a very complete and thorough experience." - Wendy Morgan
  • I thoroughly appreciated the beautiful shared energy of the group, andthat there was no sense of competition or ego. I feel that Mark created this atmosphere through his example. The flow of this class was excellent. Thank you so much!" - Liz Jacobs

Listen to a Graduating Class Sound Healing Project!



5:00 - 9:00 PM Friday:  Sound Immersion Demonstration

9:00 AM Saturday: What is Sound, What is Healing? Principles of Sound Healing

12:00 PM:  Lunch

1:00 - 5:00:  Training & Practice

9:00 AM Sunday:   Training

12:00 PM:  Lunch

1:00 - 4:30: Practice

4:30 - 5:00: Closing


Training Goals

The participant will be given a global perspective of the esoteric and metaphysical aspects of sound and its relationship to Nature and the human energy system. She will be introduced to the main instruments used in Sound Healing, and will have had a chance to practice hands-on healing techniques. Fundamental principles of vibrational and energetic healing will be shared and experienced. A full Sound Immersion experience comprised of diverse ethnic instruments will be felt and processed. And a forward glance into the future of Sound Healing as a vibrational medicine complementing allopathic methods will be discussed. Concepts and practices needed to conduct personal and group sessions will be imparted, so that with practice, she will be able to share the gift of sound in a grounded and professional manner.

 Certificate of Attendance given at completion of training Sunday

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About the Facilitator

Mark Torgeson has a degree in music, is a practicing Reiki Master, energy and bodyworker of 30 years, and has performed music for 40 years. He has produced over 30 albums of transformational music and sound which have aired on all continents. He teaches workshops on Healing Sound, facilitates weekly Healing Circles, conducts  concerts of transformational music, co-facilitates vibration-raising retreats and grid-activation events, and has cofounded Global Centers for Planetary Awakening for creating a New Earth Grid.

Mark's interest has always been to promote self-actualization and an increased sense of well being within the body/mind system. He has utilized his formal classical training to produce a body of music and sound designed to both calm and energetically incite the human spirit toward more expanded states of awareness. He says, “I’ve never desired to create simply beautiful music, but a form which will intrinsically be of use to others. The most important use of sound today, as I see it, is as a tool for healing and transformation. We are at the brink of a major evolution of consciousness, and we need all the tools we have to help ourselves keep pace with the changes. "

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