Foundations of Sound Healing


Learn the Principles, Practice and Protocols of Sound Healing


Use the Tools of Healing Sound to Shift Consciousness, Raise Vibration and Create Transformative States in Yourself, Clients and Groups

Note: this training is Part Two of a two part program leading to Certification.  Part One is prerequisite to take this training.


This segment completes the learning and exploration process begun in Foundations of Sound Healing Training. In it we will deepen our hands-on experience with individual table work and group sound healing experiences. In addition we will delve deeper into our understanding of harmonics, healing frequencies, tuning forks and use of crystals to amplify the sound healing field. Expect to work on others and be worked on yourself!


By the end of this training you will have a foundational idea of how to work with sound healing instruments on individuals and in group settings. There will be ten graded assignments to complete outside of this training to complete your certification requirements.


Certification Date and Location To Be Announced

In the videos below find examples of how Sound Healing can be used to affect change and transformation


Healing Circle: using sound and other healing modalities in public events


Public Concerts for increasing awareness of Sound Healing


Recordings of your sound healing creations to sell


One-on-One Sound Healing Sessions


Using sound healing instruments with Nature


Using sound healing to heal the environment


Use of sound and music to elicit deep states of repose through recordings


Sound healing used in conjunction with high energy astrological events for amplifying the field