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Shifting - Releasing - Purifying

Healing Sound is Nothing New...

The instruments of Healing Sound include gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and bells, shamanic drums and sacred flutes to clear calcified energy patterns, and introduce vibratory frequencies which help you to align with the evolving planetary grid.

This Immersion is experiential, meaning there is a minimal amount of talking. Education and instruction is limited to a brief introduction to the material and suggestions on how to make the most of your experience. The largest portion of the time will be spent in immersion in sound, bathing in the frequencies of transformation, and integrating that experience in silence. This format is designed to quiet the mind, allowing the energy body to flow with and entrain to the sound and music.

Listen to Instruments of Healing Sound

Healing Sound bypasses the mind. It's one of the most effective ways to gain clarity, a renewed sense of purpose and to open your heart. Sound frequency, expectation and pure intent creates a force which travels deep to your core and awakens the more expanded part of who you are. When you learn to let go and accept the healing sound your heart opens, your energy matrix expands and you release emotions and beliefs no longer serving you.

Sound is the Original Vibration from which all things arise. It is one of the most direct routes to experience states of sublime connectedness. Learn to use sound as a tool and portal to access deep levels of healing and transformation.

Pure sonic immersion involving intention, transmuting unwanted patterns, and aligning with elemental forces to shift to higher vibrational states; and creating balance within the human energy matrix to harmonize with the New Earth energies.


What should I bring?

Bring an intention for Transformation, Clearing energetic tendencies that no longer serve you, and and expectation to travel deeply into the fine territory of your soul, which knows all and is that part of you which is perfect on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, etheric.

Who is this workshop for?
Everyone. If you have a desire for changing any part of your energetic matrix or facets about your personal life which seem stuck or unmoving, this is a perfect opportunity to allow Healing Sound to work deeply and shift those aspects.

I don’t know anything about Sound Healing; will I feel lost in this event?
If you are interested in the fundamental nature of sound and its capacity for shifting awareness, energy patterns, even physical symptoms, then you will be perfectly at home.

Sound Healing seems so simplistic - how can it affect profound changes?
Bypassing the mind and connecting to your Source is the simplest and most fundamental aspect of this work. Once you are connected and maintaining that connection, everything else has to do with your intention. By creating a space of saftey with your own connectedness, you open doorways of transformation which affect all the dimensions of your Self.

Responses to Healing Sound..

  • "What a wonderfully blessed day! My spirits lifted even higher being with those of such heart and light. Mark Torgeson your energies radiate and through this gift of healing sound, well, you touch the depths of my soul…" - Debbie Segebart, owner Studio D Yoga
  • "I had a physical sense of being lifted as if my heart was pulled up thru 3rd eye and catapulted thru my crown…all the while staying in my seat without a seatbelt. Then head pulled forward to witness the vast space below me…blue, black, violet with points of light."
  • " I want to share with you that I saw myself dancing in the company of the most divine beings, and they were clapping and cheering on my sheer joy and Freedom. That is huge for me…The freedom to BE who I am here to BE, and to go forth and find my true calling and path.”
  • "Absolutely beautiful! Felt it connecting to Mother Earth energies, healing and releasing. So needed in this time."
  • "The moment that the first note sounded, tears began to stream down my cheeks and didn’t stop until the music concluded. For the first time in a very, very long time those beautiful, vibrant clear pastel colors painted the inside of my eyelids and I was in a state of pure bliss. Never ever has any music affected me so deeply..."
  • "Thank you so much. Your Music is beautiful. We can't wait to have you back! Namaste'" - Sarah Bunger, Owner Hanover Virginia Yoga
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Intentional Sound

Intentional Sound provides the platform through which our awareness and vibratory patterning shifts, an allowance for our interdimensional help to provide healing and transformation. Intentional sound sets the imagination free. In this experience the mind is no longer in command - there is no need for its foundation of fear and protectiveness. In our listening we become unbridled spirit, free to fly and soar and ride the currents of our whim and unbridled imagining. Since there are no words to paint these scenes, our experience transcends conditioning. We flow easily between the dimensions. We go to nameless places and do indescribable deeds. We expand into our higher self and higher knowing, and the temporal limitations of earthly life no longer restrict our travelings. We become, most fully, Wanderers in the realms of our instantaneous creations.



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